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Building a continuum of care is precisely what's needed to realize the potential of palliative care, yet it remains one of the most perplexing challenges for health care executives and policy-makers. One needs to look no further than the dismal failure of care continuums found (or more to the point, absent) in so-called intergrated health systems. Surely, the disparate reimbursement and regulatory systems discourage continuum building (at one time global capitation held much promise), but the hospice industry's focus upon enrollment management as a tool to improve financial performance will sharpen the split between hospice and palliative care.



You're right on the mark with your comments about the dis-continuum and mistrust betwwen hospice and palliative care. Not until end-of-life care is centered around "advanced palliative care organizations" rather than hospices will there be marked improvements in how the health care system serves those with life-limiting illnesses.

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